The Extreme 360° Anti-Age Ritual 90 Mins
Specifically elaborated to maximise skin beauty and smooth the signs of aging; this is a Rosewood London signature treatment.This treatment has been developed for mature skin to ease dehydration, tiredness and dullness. Including a ritualistic eight-step process to skin recovery, this treatment brings firmness, density, vitality and radiance to the skin. A comprehensive and intoxicating treatment experience, unparalleled. *price starting from £390
90 Min
£ 390.00
The Ultimate Instante Lifting Ritual 75 Mins
Experience the ultimate anti-aging ritual to smooth the skin and décolleté, reduce fine lines and redefine facial contours. Specifically designed for skin lacking firmness and tone, the seven- minute Bio Collagen Hydra Lift Mask provides an instant “wake up” effect to tired and dull skin. Your skin will look plumped and visibly younger, from the very first treatment. *price starting from £315
75 Min
£ 315.00
The Essential Detox Ritual 60 Mins
A deep-cleansing skin treatment inspired by the Japanese rituals of caring for the skin, introduce you to a purifying tradition for a flawless complexion. Intended for combination and oily skin types this facial is ideal to help reduce excess oil production, tighten pores and to reduce redness. Recommended for when the seasons change or twice a month for sustained skin rebalancing. *price starting from £225
60 Min
£ 225.00
The Essential Fresh & Tone Ritual 60 Mins
Highly recommended for dull and tired skin, this ritual includes an amazing “icy wake up” textured mask which tightens the pores, lightens the complexion and clarifies congested skin. Your skin is given a fresh, clear and matte look that is best suited before a night out or first thing in the morning to kick start your day. This six-part facial is like fitness for the skin, leaving you and your face with a fresh perspective. *price starting from £225
60 Min
£ 225.00
Pure Radiance by Sodashi 60 Mins
A facial that offers your skin a fresh start. Including a warm aromatic facial compress that softens and exfoliates the skin followed by Sodashi nurturing face mask rich in herbal extracts to purify and hydrate. Tailored to your needs this facial uses Sodashi plant essences to leave your skin feeling fresh and revitalised. *price starting from £140
60 Min
£ 140.00