Lights of the Season 120 Mins
A more playful and holistic body ritual inspired by the cycle of the seasons. A unique experience that starts with a purifying full body scrub, calming head, face and foot massage followed by an invigorating leg treatment and finally a stimulating stomach, upper chest, back and arm massage. An incredible treatment that leaves you feeling complete.
120 Min
£ 240.00
Solar Sensation 90 Mins
Inspired by the summer fields, this energising treatment is intended to build energy, warm the body and enhance the mood. The delicious fragrance of broom flower and honey is used to stimulate the body from toe to head. The whole body is exfoliated to stimulate circulation and promote cellular renewal followed by an energetic massage with warm oils to create a sun-like sensation.
90 Min
£ 185.00
Contouring Marine Body Wrap 90 Mins
An invigorating exfoliation using fine ground clay, followed by our Sodashi warming body mask. This wrap contains marine extracts, plant essences and algae to stimulate the lymphatic system and to assist with the removal of excess toxins. After your private shower a specialised Sodashi contouring gel and cream is applied leaving your skin feeling toned and radiant.
90 Min
£ 185.00
Exquisite Indulgence 60 Mins
Unwind with an indulgent upper body massage focusing on the back, neck, shoulders and arms. Your expert therapist will use rhythmical movement that move deeply into tired muscles. Harmony is achieved by the connection of touch which allows the breath to deepen, and the mind to drift away into a state of inner relaxation.
60 Min
£ 125.00
Salt Serenity 60 Mins
Warm and soothing Sodashi oils are incorporated into this treatment followed by our Himalayan salt and plant essence therapy treatment. Relieving stress and fatigue while gently stimulating the body’s circulation. This treatment is ideal for replenishing the muscles after long periods of travel.
60 Min
£ 120.00
Refining Body Toner 60 Mins
Refine your skin from head to toe. An exfoliating Sodashi jojoba body polish, followed by a full body mask of mineral rich clay and herbal extracts, including a scalp massage. This rejuvenating therapy firms, tones and conditions the skin reducing the appearance of stretch marks. Suitable during and after pregnancy.
60 Min
£ 120.00
Global Sensation of Letting Go 60 Mins
True to the origins of Maison Caulières, this flagship hand treatment is inspired by biodynamic massage and hand reflexology. The treatment begins with a hand scrub and mask followed by a relaxing hand and arm massage to eliminate muscle tension and stimulate hand reflexology points.
60 Min
£ 90.00
Sparkling & Light Sensation 45 Mins
An invigorating treatment targeted at feet and legs to relieve and suggest a feeling of impulse. Starting with the “Roots Ritual” - a mint and fresh cut grass scented footbath with a short foot massage, followed by a hands-on energising treatment to the whole body. This treatment also combines a stimulating massage on the legs to help revive circulation and enhance the sensation of refreshing energy and lightness.
45 Min
£ 85.00
Body Scrub 30 Mins
30 Min
£ 55.00