Journey Sense of London 150 Mins by Humanity
Price starting from £370 Discover a distinctive memory of London with the unusual blend of Organic Essential oils, creating your story by evoking the sense of smell and touch. Allow the bouquet of English Oak, Orchard Pear, Fresh Grass and Coffee to bring you back to 'your' Sense of time and place and to bring your joyful memory of your time in London to the present and forever. Experience a masterful and bespoke massage tailored especially for you while you attached the memories of London to this unique scent from organic oils. A Sense of London certainly is the time to let go of the 'hustle and bustle'. As the massage comes to a close, your therapist with naturally flow to the next part of your journey where you will experience Humanity Cosmetics 'Ingenium' Age-Supporting Facial. Just as you think your journey will come to an end, relax and soak up all that your facial has to offer from the natural ingredients to the powerful formulas that will have your skin ready for what London can throw at it. Feel Relaxed, Revived and ready for the next part of your Journey.
150 Min
£ 410.00
Journey Sense of Self 180 Mins
Price starting from £340 Treat your mind and body to ultimate indulgence. This relaxing experience includes a balance salt therapy containing himalayan crystal salt, sweet orange and rosewood to help release muscle tension and flush excess toxins. After a private warm shower enjoy a personalised full body massage, with a selection of our finest oils and body lotions. Conclude your tailored experience with a unique facial massage that stimulates muscles and promotes cell renewal. This is a luxurious journey to recover your balance.
180 Min
£ 380.00
Journey Sense of Purifying 150 Mins
Price starting from £275 Your journey will start with a contouring body exfoliation and purifying body wrap. Our Marine scrub, rich in volcanic clay prepares your body for our mineral rich marine wrap containing marine extracts, plant essences and algae. These luxurious ingredients and treatments stimulate the lymphatic system and assist the body in removing accumulated toxins and smoothing cellulite. After your warm private shower, a contouring body gel of cypress and lemongrass, is combined with your choice of body lotion or detox oil that is methodically massaged onto your body. Your journey ends with a bespoke facial including a brightening face mask with grapefruit seed extracts and green argiletz clay. A true sense of purification from start to finish.
150 Min
£ 315.00
Journey A Sense of Comfort 135 Mins
Price starting from £358 Experience a Detoxifying Body Ritual (90 mins) with our Epsom-rich body treatment using a magnesium sulfate salt scrub to exfoliate the skin and remove toxins before enjoying a private steam shower. A mixture of detox oils with juniper, grapefruit and geranium are used to massage your entire body to help intensify your detoxification results, improve your sleep, relieve muscle tension and reduce inflammation. Following this treatment, you can also enjoy a deep-cleansing EviDenS de Beaute facial (45 mins) inspired by the Japanese rituals of caring for the skin, introducing you to a purifying tradition for a flawless complexion. Intended for combination and oily skin types this facial helps to reduce excess oil production, tighten pores and to reduce redness. Recommended for when the seasons change or twice a month for sustained skin rebalancing. Served with a hot cacao drink at the end of the treatment.
135 Min
£ 398.00
Journey Sense Signature 120 Mins
Price starting from £250 This Sodashi signature journey will restore your radiance and melt away the tension. Your experience will start with a personalised full body massage drawing from a selection of our relaxing, harmonising or energising oils. Your experience is then followed by a personalised facial using our exclusive rejuvenate, balance, calm or mankind products including organic and chemical free ingredients.
120 Min
£ 290.00