Ultimate Signature Recovery Facial by Humanity 90 Mins
To help recover the skin from the negative effects of the environment and a stressful lifestyle. This potent facial utilises the power of bio-actives, vitamins and minerals enhanced with clean technology, returning the skin back to good health. A facial with multi-faceted formulas designed to deliver on results. Walk away with a more robust first line of defence. The 90-minute COMPLETE RECOVERY FACIAL includes our EXPRESS EYE RESTORE FACIAL.
90 Min
£ 215.00
Ingenium Facial by Humanity 60 Mins
Humanity Cosmetic’s signature facial was created as an age support programme to maintain the fitness level of the skin. Exclusive Results driven formulas designed to Hydrate, Revitalise and Tone whilst helping to stimulate new collagen production and eliminate fine lines.
60 Min
£ 135.00
Mankind Facial by Sodashi 60 Mins
Commencing with a Sodashi Himalayan salt therapy and back massage to ease stress and tension in the mind and body. You will experience a deep cleansing facial experience and exfoliation treatment to balance your skin’s natural oils and assist in preventing in-growing hairs from shaving. Leaving your skin smoother and more relaxed.
60 Min
£ 130.00
Express Ingenium Facial by Humanity 30 Mins
A mini version of the Ingenium facial.
30 Min
£ 90.00
Eye Restore Facial by Humanity 30 Mins
Humanity’s answer to the perfect treatment for the eyes. Restore the eye area with the best that nature provides enhanced with the latest in skincare technology. Humanity Cosmetics Eye Restore Facial is specifically designed to penetrate the thicker male skin with our exclusive formulas and mask to restore the eye area to its former glory. to deliver on results. A combination of facial yoga and lymphatic drainage is the perfect “detox workout” for facial muscles and tissue. Our mask restores the eye area to its former glory.
60 Min
£ 85.00
Express Mankind by Sodashi 30 Mins
30 Min
£ 85.00